Beachfront ocean views from this Cabo San Lucas Condo.
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Is Cabo Safe?
As with anywhere, you should be aware of your surroundings, don't go into the back streets at night alone, etc., but overall the Los Cabos area is very safe. Issues that you may hear about regarding the drug trafficing problems are pretty much limited to the border towns and central Mexico. None of these problems exist in Cabo.

Mi Casa del Sol is located in one of the more exclusive areas in Cabo, is a gated community with two levels of security getting to the condo. We have never had a problem or felt unsafe in 20 years of traveling to Cabo.

Are the beaches swimmable?
The beach at Mi Casa del Sol is on the Sea of Cortez and is often swimmable, but as always you need to evaluate the ocean conditions. About 100 yrds down the beach is the Hacienda del Mar which has a life guard and people often swim in that area. In addition, less than a 4 minute cab ride away is Santa Maria which is one of the best swimming and snorkeling beaches in Los Cabos. Medano beach in Cabo San Lucas is also a good swimming beach with lots of activity including wave runners, water taxi's and several bars and restaurants.
What do you recommend regarding transportation (Taxi, Uber, Rental Car, Bus, etc.) ?
Taxi / Uber Service: Taxi and Uber service is plentiful and prompt in Cabo and will take you pretty much anywhere you want to go. Uber drivers are more restricted because of the fight between the Taxi drivers and Uber drivers with the local police supporting the Taxi's. (Uber drivers may not be able to take you right to the most popular spots but can drop you a block or two away. Ubers are generally less expensive than Taxi's. Following are general prices for taxi service.

Note: Taxi prices are not regulated, so each driver may charge a slightly different amount and the rates at night can be slightly higher. We recommend that you check with our concierge service to up-to-date rates as the amounts change with the season and exchange rate fluctionations.
  • Airport to Condo (no stops): ~$75.00 + tip
  • Airport to Condo (stopping at La Comer Grocery Store on the way): ~$80.00 + tip
  • Condo to Cabo San Lucas: ~$30.00 + tip
  • Condo to San Jose del Cabo: ~$40.00 + tip
Rental Cars: Driving in Mexico is relatively easy. They drive on the right side of the road and pretty much all the standard rules apply. Cars may be rented right at the airport outside the terminal. Or you can decide after arriving at the condo. Our concierge will have a car brought right to you.

A few words of caution:
  • Drive Defensively. Stop signs sometimes seem to be just suggestions to the locals.
  • Don't get into an accident. The police basically take everyone to jail and work it out there.
Buses Public bus transportation is available in Cabo and very inexpensive. You can catch a bus to town from the intersection of the highway and Cabo del Sol exit about a 1/2 mile from the condo. The cost for the bus ride is probably around 10 pesos. (Less than a dollar)

How / Where can we get groceries?
Delivery service is available, prior to your arrival and/or during your stay (provided by our Concierge).

Grocery stores nearby: La Comer, Costco, Wal*Mart, Santa Carmela (Lots of hard to find US based products), Mini-marts, and a small market at the Hacienda del Mar.

What supplies are provided in the condo?
  • Cookware, dishes, glasses, etc.
  • Kitchen dry goods (spices, seasonings, etc.)
  • Dish & dishwasher soap
  • Paper towels
  • Napkins
  • Laundry detergent
  • Liquid hand soap
  • Hair dryers (2)
  • Toilet paper
  • Bedding
  • Bath towels
  • Beach towels

Any restaurant recommendations?
  1. Cabo del Sol Clubhouse - (Excellent food - great Sunday Brunch!)
  2. Baja Cantina at the Marina (Good food, inexpensive appetizers at the bar)
  3. Mi Casa - One of the oldest and most colorful restaurants in Cabo
  4. Salvatories (Great Italian)
  5. Hacienda - (Elegant ocean-side dining)
  6. Nick-San (Great sushi but expensive)
  7. Lots of restaurants in San Jose del Cabo

Can we make long distance phone calls from the condo?
There is no phone in the condo. Bring your cell phone and computer. There are a couple options with respect to making Long Distance calls from the condo: Skype We have free wireless Internet access in the condo. If you bring a computer or smart phone (such as and iPhone or Android) you can use Skype to make long distance calls for pennies per call. Cell Phones Cell service is very good in the Los Cabos area so you can use your cell phone to make calls as well. We recommend you contact your cell provider to find out about any special offers or rates they may offer while you are in Mexico.
Should we exchange our money, and can we use credit cards?
Most places will accept U.S. currency though you will probably get a better exchange rate if you are using Pesos. If you do want to exchange your money into Pesos, you will need to have your Passport with you. Almost all businesses/restaurants accept MC & VISA.










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